Ashlin Darius Govindasamy

ADGSTUDIOS - Entrepreneur

Every day when I wake up I have one goal in mind and that is to change the world. I love mathematics and technology.
Each day I spend 1 hour of my time researching the latest tech so I am never behind on technology. I’m fascinated with space and the science behind it.
My philosophy of life is that we all humans on Earth have a purpose in life we were made to achieve one goal in life. As I mentioned at the beginning of the summary my goal is to change the world.

Ashlin Darius Govindasamy is currently doing his BSc Computer Science and Mathematics Degree at UNISA. Once completed with that he will go and get a degree in Honors Computer Science and study till masters level.

  • Full Name:   Ashlin Darius Govindasamy
  • Mobile:   +27 60 522 4922
  • Email:   [email protected]
  • Location:   South Africa
  • Social:  


University of South Africa/Universiteit van Suid-Afrika
2021- 2024

BSc Mathematics and Computer Science

Star College Durban High School
2017- 2020

Bachelor's degree pass, AP Maths and Information Technology

Strelitzia Secondary School
2016- 2020

Bachelor's degree pass, Maths, Physical Science, English, Afrikaans, Accounting, Life Science, Life Orientation

Licenses & Certifications

Python Essentials - IBM

Credential ID : 8773046d-8b37-445a-8124-8b13113b985a

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Containers, Kubernetes, and Container Platforms

Credential ID : f999b5cca5ec4633bcfcca8667b1d3f6

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Data Science and Machine Learning Capstone Project

Credential ID : 20da414efe2243c29fede2a144ecb18a

View Licence

Machine Learning with Python

Credential ID : 5c6d7b67-9cf5-47f7-88ec-2c6aad7ce985

View Licence

Deep Learning Essentials with Keras

Credential ID : df4bb215-e4ee-430b-82ee-87d4b543c22b

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CompTIA A+ ce Certification

Credential ID : dcdb5289-ea9e-43d3-b9aa-bb8257c98f74

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Work Experience

Computer Science , Information Technology Tutor - Freelance
Apr 2021 - Present (7 months +)
South Africa

Tutoring high school , university students from all over the world.

Software Engineering - Contract Work to ADGSTUDIOS Rahn Consolidated (PTY) LTD
Apr 2021 - Sep 2021 (6 months)
South Africa

Helped develop, debugging and polish Rahn Monitor to get it ready for the market.

Wrote RahnAPI - a Python script to pull WooCommerce RestAPI responses clean the responses and publish them into the SQL Database at every millisecond.

This helped counter the competitor Where they charge R350 per month whereas my script is free you just need to run it on the cloud (in Rahn's cases a Raspberry Pi 4)

To make the script run on the Pi 24/7 I had to create an image and run it in Kubernetes and Docker. using a FreeTDS driver to connect to SQL. you can find the repo here for more information. Website Upgrading for

I added a WooCommerce plugin on the website to add an Account and Cart page and helped register them on PayFast to accept payments for the software.

I wrote another application as research for them such as a CV parser. The CV parser uses NLP, Machine Learning to extract the fields in any given CV format - (.png, pdf, .docx, etc) and publishes them into the SQL Database. It's not quite accurate yet has around a 60% accuracy. Fields do get messed up and mixed up. Powered by C# and Python.

Training a Rahn Employee to gain various skills such as Practical Networking (Port-forwarding, IPv4 Public and Private, Linux, SSH, Visual Studio Code - Jypyter Notebooks, httpd (Apache), SQL Server Security)

Software Developer @ Gaya Simulations
Apr 2021 - Sep 2021 (6 months)

Gaya Simulations create highly detailed airports and scenery addons for flight simulators - Prepar3D, X-Plane 11 and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Freelancing doing mini coding projects for them in Node.js , C# , Azure , SQL, PhP, HTML5 and JavaScript

Created Discord Bot to monitor progress in the company.

Created a Plane Mod Installer.