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Software Engineering with Ashlin Darius Govindasamy Lectures

Get Started with Software Engineering this is for beginners to advanced programmers. I will teach you like a 👶 i will ensure you will understand every single topic about programming and you will fall in ❤️ with programming. rocket

From Cloud Servers in AWS, Azure, and Google - (Networking, Virtualization, Containers in Docker and Kubernetes) to Front End and Back End development.


Learn the MySQL, SQL Server, Python, HTML5, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, and React stack to deploy successful web applications.

Design Games in Unity using C#, Make Windows GUI Applications in C#, C++ use SQL Server to store information.

Play around with Electronics using the Raspberry Pi.

Data Science with Python - (Machine Learning Algorithms and Examples with given projects)

This course will prepare you for real-life decisions and best practices for your career. The aim is to be passionate about programming dont just do it for 💸 otherwise you will be unhappy in your life. Program and have fun!

If you are passionate about it you will have fun and push out the best to the community.
You can get your hands dirty conducting experiments my lectures is hands on. It will also give you all rounded experience on Technology not just limited on programming.



What do you get?

• Life Time Access to videos

• 1080p 60fps Video Stream from streaming server hosted on Microsoft Azure low latency feed

• Access to my professional GitHub Organization and projects/templetes

• Community Access and Forum

• New Videos published frequently

• Custom Requests for Software Engineering

Coming soon. Syllabus will be available when I compile it